During the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, Menagerie Theatre Company and ‘A Good Death?’ collaborated on three new short audio plays, inspired by the research of Dr Laura Davies and the creative insight of writer Patrick Morris.

The audio plays were recorded in lockdown and explore death, dying and bereavement from different perspectives, including a bereaved mother, a hospital doctor, and the voice of a famous painting of a deathbed scene, Nicolas Poussin’s ‘Extreme Unction’ (or ‘Final Anointing’ c.1638-40).

Seven Arguments with Grief

End of Life Care – A Ghost Story

A Look, A Wave

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The next audio play is to be listened to on headphones while looking at the original painting or a colour reproduction of ‘Extreme Unction’ from the Seven Sacraments (Series 1) by Nicolas Poussin. Images © Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

You can also hear more about the experiences of everyone involved in this collaboration through these short video interviews with Laura, Patrick, and the actors who voiced the audio plays, Caroline Rippin and Shane Shambhu.

Menagerie is a new-writing theatre company resident at Cambridge Junction. They develop and produce new plays which engage powerfully, imaginatively and critically with the contemporary world. They do this through the Hotbed Festival, community projects, and the Ideas Stage, an ongoing programme of collaborations with academic researchers that uses theatre to examine key ideas which influence our world.

These plays are part of an ongoing collaboration and a larger work in progress. We want to hear your thoughts about them and to be challenged by new perspectives. Join the conversation @what_death #gooddeath

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