Workshop for Volunteers and Professionals

Are you part of an organisation, company or volunteer group whose work relates to death or to dying well?

Our facilitated group workshops are designed for volunteers and professionals who support dying people, their families, or the recently bereaved.

Our workshops open up new conversations about death through the reading of and reflection on short extracts or pieces of literature, both historical and contemporary. The aim is not to be prescriptive but rather to provide a different (and non-medical) structure within which to approach aspects of death, dying and bereavement: including for example, dying at home, the nature of ‘care’, the experience of pain, and complex emotional and intellectual reactions to the idea and the reality of death and dying.

Through a series of practical activities – reading, self-reflection, and discussion – our workshops provide open but supportive spaces for the testing out of ideas, as well as for enjoyable conversation about some great works of literature and, if you wish, the chance to write creatively yourself (no experience necessary!)

It is hoped that all participants will benefit from this opportunity to widen their perspectives, vocabularies or strategies for thinking and talking about death, dying and grief, and to tune in to what clients and patients may be articulating.

We can tailor the workshop to suit the needs of each group and can also facilitate a guided intention-setting exercise in order to benefit participants in terms of continuing development in the weeks and months after the workshop.

There is no charge for workshops, which are run by the project leaders. They are designed for groups of 4-10 people. We also make further resources available for participants during the session and via our website.

“I wouldn’t have spent time looking at poems and literature …[but] the different views of the group really encouraged me to look again and again and again.”

“Now I might encourage my clients to use words poetically to express their feelings.”

“I will take away thinking more deeply about the meaning of words. I’m very motivated to follow this up with further reading.”

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Poetry and Memory

In the workshop we will: Read and react to two poems on the theme of ‘memory’. Talk through the poems reflectively together, add in some snippets from other favourite writers, and use them to think about our own experiences. Our aims are: For us to have fun together and learn from each other by talking […]

7 Arguments With Grief: A Workshop on the Language of Loss

A performance and conversational workshop for professionals and volunteers who support people around end-of-life care, dying, and bereavement. The A Good Death? project aims to improve conversations about death and dying by introducing you to unfamiliar and sometimes challenging literary writing from the past and in the present. In this workshop, we are very proud […]

Arthur Rank Hospice Charity: Workshops for Volunteers

The A Good Death? project aims to improve conversations about death and dying by introducing you to unfamiliar and sometimes challenging literary writing from the past and in the present. We hope to provide some new and fruitful angles and vocabularies and to spark new kinds of reflection. Thank you for joining us! In the […]

Death crafts and conversation!

For Deathly Encounters!, an evening event hosted at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology  in central Cambridge, we were excited to trial two new variations on our workshops. In both cases, the value comes from engaging with historic approaches to death in culture, and from the rich conversations which are prompted by social handicrafts. Mourning […]

Death Poetry, Open Discussion

This 45 minute workshop introduces three poems by contemporary and early-modern authors on the theme of loss.

Death and Bereavement. Workshops for bereavement counsellors

In June 2019, the Good Death team hosted members of the Cruse Bereavement Care Cambridge team for the first of an ongoing series of workshops exploring death writing and its potential to open up conversations and provide new perspectives for the bereaved.

A Letter ‘To Death’

A creative workshop inspired by the tradition of the Ode 'To Death'.