A Letter ‘To Death’

“I find the more I look at death, grief and bereavement, the more I look at life and its possibilities…”

“All these examples of poetry give me insight and encouragement to explore more writing that express thoughts, feelings and experiences of life’s joys and sorrows…”

In this workshop, we take a look at what may seem like an unusual tradition in death writing – the letter to death itself. How can it help it us to speak straight at death; to imagine death as a sparring partner; to conjure up an image of death as a human interlocutor? Is there any meaning to be gained from the act of writing to the beyond.

Using literary prompts and ideas to guide us, we compose a letter which allows us to confront fears and to probe the ambiguities of our own personal views on death. Even the least literary of us can find an impetus to put pen to paper. The resulting pieces of writing are yours to do what you wish with – to keep as a record, to return to again, to change as we change. Or, if you’re willing, you can post your composition in our letterbox and we’ll share your reflections with future participants.


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Posted: 5th July 2019