Poetry and Lyrics

In the third of our summer series of workshops we will:

  • Listen to some recordings and read some song lyrics on life, loss and love!
  • Talk through the lyrics reflectively together, share our perspectives and favourites, and think about our own experiences as listeners and readers.

Our aims are:

  • For us to have fun together and learn from each other by talking about literature
  • For you to leave with some new ideas and some new language, and to be inspired to share these with others
  • For us all to think about what matters to us and to gain some new perspectives, helped by the poetry

Tips for getting into the poems!

  • Can you put the finger on what “works” for you, and what doesn’t hit the mark? Are there any specific words, images, colours, sounds or ideas that stand out?
  • What do the poems remind you of? Song lyrics, images, films, or memories of your own?
  • What kind of perspective would we need to feel that we are walking in the poet’s shoes?
  • Are there any contradictions in the poem?
  • Do you think the poem conveys a particular idea or a message? What is the poet trying to tell us?

The poems lyrics!

We’ll have the words in front of us, but if you would like to read them in advance you can email cambridgegooddeath@gmail.com for the worksheet (available in large or standard size text). You can also listen in advance through the links below.

  1. Leonard Cohen, Night Comes On
  2. Joni Mitchell, Both Sides Now
  3. Brian May, Too Much Love Will Kill You


Some other lyric recommendations

You may like to have a look at Words for our selection of poetry and prose.

We also considered including these lyrics today: Amy Winehouse, Love is a Losing Game; Tom Walker, Leave a Light On.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and learn from your insights and experiences.

We are actively collecting feedback on your experiences of the workshop and especially on suggestions for changes of format, accessibility etc. Please fill out a survey here or email us at cambridgegooddeath@gmail.com. We especially love to collect new recommendations of literature, poetry, lyrics, and artworks!