A Good Death Project at the Imaginarium

Event Date: October 30, 2022

Part of the national Festival of Social Science, join the Good Death Project and friends from the university and city communities to imagine a brighter future for Cambridge.

Cambridge Imaginarium is a space where town, gown, creatives, campaigners, and dreamers can share stories, memories, knowledge and hopes for the future. We will be inviting you to explore the barriers to land, health, heritage, public spaces and inclusion through mapping, making, writing, play and conversation.

Join us for our death crafts cafe, to listen in to the new writing of Menagerie Theatre, and to experiment with the poetic language of life and death.

The event includes Cambridge Land Justice, The Ramblers, LGBTQ heritage, archaeology research,  health access for homeless, speakers corner and Cambridge Resilience Web. With Artists Hilary Cox Condron, Zoe Gilbertson and Steven Carne.

An event organised by the University of Cambridge, Public Engagement for the Festival of Social Sciences. Co-organised by Cambridge Carbon Footprint and Artist Hilary Cox Condron
With: Zoe Gilbertson, Steven Carne and the University of Cambridge Researchers

Dr Oscar Aldred, “Reimagining Cambridge’s Archaeology: Before and After”

Dr Laura Davies, “A Good Death?”

Dr Diarmuid Hester, “A Queer Cambridge Audio Trail”

Dr Johannes Lenhard, Dr Damita Abayaratne & Megan Margetts, “Working with people who are homeless during COVID-19 and beyond, notes from Cambridge”